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#jobopp : EX9, future unicorn, looks for stars !

We need you ! Share your skills and passion with us !

Thanks to very positive interest and traction to our solution, EX9 needs to reinforce the Tech Team. We have several Internship job opps open. Here are some of them. Feel free to contact us at if you want to enhance your knowledge on practice, learn more about robotics and automation and contribute to our common success.

OS241-Offre de stage-Design et création 3D pour simulateur de conduite autonome
Download PDF • 104KB

OS242-Stage fin d'étude -Ingénieur robotique
Download PDF • 102KB

OS243-Stage d'application-Développement logiciel de la partie perception en conduite autom
Download • 105KB

OS244- Stage fin d'étude - Fusion LIDARs & Caméras pour la conduite automatisée
Download PDF • 108KB

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