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#CES24 is finished ! Viva CES !

What an awesome time in Las Vegas at 100th birthday of the CES Show we spent! Let's us just sumup it in a short video and couple of lines.

So many nice opportunities and people met there.

First, we are highly greatful to the @Region Ile de France for their selection, trust and coaching to prepare us to this amazing event.

Then a special thanks to all French Delegation Startups : Enchanted tools, Le Papondu, Qarnot, Snowpack, Delupay, Iridesense, Arthis, The Sorority, and others for this friendly atmosphere and dose of smile. Special dedication to @Leviia and @William, the best sales support ever (watch on the video)!

To @Elizabeth who wore the colors of EX9 during the show !

To all partners we met in Vegas, including @SNCF, @ADP, @SBG Systems, @Exwayz, @Geoflex.

To all @EX9 team who stayed in France to continue the development and customer relationship !

100th for CES, 3rd for EX9 :) let's keep going to this target !

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