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Industry 4.0.


The French supply chain group develops services in transport and logistic, as a 3PL. They offer transport from ports or factories to warehouse, storage and handling in their warehouses, transport from warehouse to final customers (B2B).

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The terminal transport is organized in between 2 inter-connected sites, one is a production plant and the second is the storage warehouse, adjacent to it, for raw materials and for finished products, ready for distribution. The overall cycle distance is about 1,5km and there are about 17 cycle movements a day per tractor. 

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Daily terminal transport in between the manufacturing plant to storage warehouse

Fichier 4@300x_Plan de travail 1 copie_P


"Today we are really looking for optimization of movements because of volumes of production growing up fast. The automation of these time-consuming tasks could the way to resolve the problem." WL (FR)

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