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One of the largest port-infrastructure companies in Europe, with more than 60 million tons of liquid, bulk, breakbulk & containerized goods operates on their site in Belgium, 3 main flows with containers and trailers.

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The automated tractor has to navigate there in a mix traffic with other operational vehicles, like forklifts, a reach-Stacker, pedestrians and other moving or fixed "objects". The tractor handles the transport of containers from the vessel to warehouses back and forth.

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Terminal transport optimization 

Opportunity to make new tasks in parallel

Safer work environment for personnel

Fichier 4@300x_Plan de travail 1 copie_P


"One of our main tasks is to protect our employees, offering them better working conditions, as it is very hot in the summer and cold - in the winter and over all, in Belgium it rains very often. Such an automated tractor contributes to move our staff away from risks of accidents and from difficult outdoor job". BH (BE)

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