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EX9 reveals its Revolutionary Unmanned Transport Solutions at #CES2024 UNVEILED event!

Thrilled to share that EX9 took center stage at the prestigious CES UNVEILED event yesterday, presenting our Unmanned Transport end-to-end solutions to worldwide high-tech ecosystem. 🌟

🤖 Autonomous Movements disruptive solution, redefined by EX9, is paving the way for the future of yard shunting operations with eco-friendly cost-effective unmanned robots and vehicles.

👥 Connecting with High-Tech key players during the CES, our team engages with industry leaders, journalists, supply chain actors and key tech media representatives. Starting with the CES UNVEILED VIP event, we are happy having met @TechCrunch, @BusinnesInsider, @Challenge, @Handelsblatt, @LesEchos and others. It was an incredible opportunity to showcase our commitment to transforming the logistics challenges into innovative solutions to all international tech Press experts.

🌍 Shaping Tomorrow's Transportation Landscape, we share our vision at CES, and excited about the potential impact our solutions will have on. Stay tuned for extensive coverage from leading tech media outlets as they highlight the groundbreaking strides we've made. And for the minutes of our presence at this biggest event focused on innovation and startup solutions.

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