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Our Company.

Why a company is born, exists, grows and prospers?


Because of 3 main things aligned: its value proposition is strong enough and fits a market need, its technology R&D strategy is smart & adaptive, and its team is complementary, committed, sharing common goals. 

Here at ex9, we have an ambition aiming to meet these 3 aspects. 

Our values : Open-mindness, cultural & gender diversity, mutual respect, curiosity, talent development, soft skills, devotion to shared goals, focus of customers' satisfaction, passion for Innovation & positive Impact.


Our motto : “Give to get ! Learn to share !" 

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Each unsafe, time-consuming, and low-value tasks of industrial transport has to  be delegated to reliable autonomous vehicles offering higher efficiency and sustainability to logistic operators, and higher and safer work environment  for personnel.

We deeply believe that Innovative High-tech solutions should contribute to help people, reduce risks, and to progress in response to Sustainable Development Goals.



Our goal is to help our customers to integrate the optimal solution of terminal automated transport to their operational processes respond to the needs and site constraints : enhancing staff's safety, optimising the working cycles and facing pics of activities, reducing daily costs and CO2 emissions, offering people better work conditions.



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Enthusiastic, energetic, empathetic, customer oriented, in love with innovation

Main job:

win-win partnership & business opportunities hunting, company promotion, building of collaborative consortia, marketing & sales team management


Startup from "0 to 1" entrepreneurship, Product-Market fit strategy, Management of International Multi-partner Projects,  Business development, Fundings

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Curious, intelligent, cars passionate, pragmatic

Main job :

project & team lead, technology roadmap building, technical customer relationship, implementation, in field demonstrations & UX 

Skills :

System design for new Mobility features, Drive-by-Wire Robotisation, Control Strategies, Perception & Automation Engineering & Development Validation Testing, integration of new EE solutions

Σ = huge background of professional experience, mostly in Autonomous Mobility in-field experimentations & Automotive, High-Tech, Telco Programs 

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Why ex9 ?
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9 represents the energy, the outcome, the result, the perfect interpretation of a complete offer, of a successful system, of a complex project carried out with brilliance from A to Z, listening to the customers and the opportunity to go even further, to the next step, to push the limits.


We leave it to your imagination to guess what the letters "e" & "x" mean.


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