ex9 is an Advanced Engineering Center. We design and develop electronic system solutions for Smart Mobility* from concept exploration to experimentation and user experience in real conditions thanks to Design Thinking method.

At ex9, we turn great ideas from anyone into great automations for everyone—with more safety and modularity, faster implementation, and impact you can measure and deploy.

We make Mobility Autonomous !

*Keywords in Smart Mobility : full or semi-autonomous driving, last mile mobility on demand, remote driving & teleoperation, driverless valet parking, platooning, guided robotic operations

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Vehicles and in field tasks become more complex and have to be automated in order to better support humans in every-day operations. We contribute to this progress and bring the technology of automation to all kinds of land vehicles : trucks, tractors, track yards & loaders, shuttles, buses, cars.

We do implement innovative features like Drive-by-Wire, ADAS, enhanced sensing perception, multi-sensors data fusion, V2X connectivity and smart control strategies to existing or in design vehicles, step-by-step towards the full autonomy.


Thanks to the deep comprehension of the vehicle environment : mechatronics (X-by-Wire, traction, powertrain, energy system, etc.), EE architecture, driving performances, controlling logic, and its meeting with the high-tech world of IoT : V2X connectivity, perception of the environment, decision making software, computer vision, AI, we operate on the pathway in between, as a kind of a binding agent, an all-in-1 System Designer for your “automated” projects.


We offer the implementation of existing Autonomous Driving bricks as well as our own, developed in-house.

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At ex9 we consider that actually in the world changing so fast, it is really hard and inefficient to try to do everything standalone and thus succeed relying only on oneself. We have to be all a part of an ecosystem and contribute to common success. We believe in a Win-Win strategy in which “I succeed thanks to others’ success”.

We exist to turn our clients’ ideas into a scalable solution (Proof Of Concept, a functional demonstrator, a robust prototype, an experimental pilot or a pre-certified Minimal Viable Product) with different TRL* maturity status. Solutions considering the "business" constraints together with those imposed by the real-life conditions and the end-user environment: use case operational setup, technical feasibility, safety issue, expected maturity level, durability & cost optimization, ergonomics & style.

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Our purpose is to promote French Tech Innovation and enable the autonomy progress in various fields, with the focus on these main goals :

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Fichier 4@300x_Plan de travail 1 copie_P
Fichier 4@300x_Plan de travail 1 copie_P