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ex9 is an French engineering startup, supplier of Automated systems for Light & Heavy Goods Handling Vehicles in Closed Industrial Compounds. We design, develop and integrate our modular and evolutive automation solution - Modul'AD, tailored for Industrial Uses Cases in Logistics, Industry 4.0 and Construction yard transportation.

We support OEMs to automate their models as yard tractors or swap body carriers from 
exploratory PoC to experimental MVP and operational user experience in real conditions with a mass market product thanks to Design Thinking and Desigh-to-Cost methods.

At ex9, we transform industrial vehicles into automated ones, turning pain points from anyone into automatic transport solutions for everyone — with more safety and modularity, high-tech support to integration
 & deployment, fast implementation, TCO benefits and positive impact thanks to optimization of daily operations.

We make automation accessible, safe, reliable, and simple to adopt for any type of heavy-duty vehicles 

*Keywords in Automation : automated vehicles; autonomous driving, intraterminal outdoor guided operations, teleoperation, automated industrial transport

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Vehicles and in field tasks become more complex and have to be automated in order to better support humans in every-day operations. We contribute to this progress and bring the technology of automation to all kinds of industrial vehicles : trucks, RoRO tractors, yard tracks & loaders, swap body carrier, dumpsters.

Modular and agnostic to vehicles’ kinematics and dynamics, Modul’AD is designed easy to integrate and replicate, responding specific industrial needs as rear maneuvers  (coupling, docking), in-outdoor movements, gate identification & interface to YMS for swarm management or teleoperation. 


Thanks to the deep comprehension of the vehicle environment : mechatronics (X-by-Wire, traction, powertrain, energy system, etc.), EE architecture, driving performances, controlling logic, and the fit with the high-tech world of IoT : V2X connectivity, perception of the environment, decision making software, computer vision, AI, we operate on the pathway in between, as a kind of a binding agent, an all-in-1 System Designer for your “automation” needs.


We support the end users in the implementation of Automated Vehicles from our partners to their sites in Robotic as a Service (RaaS) model.

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Automation brings several benefits, such as optimization of  operations, reducing CO2 emissions and risks of accidents. It also makes possible to overcome a major labour shortage of truck drivers companies facing nowadays.

Our systems make automation accessible, scalable, reliable and easy to adopt, offering a competitive advantage in the race to reduce carbon footprints, improve daily efficiency, putting people first, taking care of their health and safety.

We exist to bring our clients’ ideas into a scalable solution (Proof Of Concept, a functional demonstrator, a robust prototype, an experimental pilot or a pre-certified Minimal Viable Product to certifed Mass market Version) with a support to improve vehicles definition on different TRL* of maturity. Solutions considering the "business" constraints together with those imposed by the real-life conditions and the end-user environment as use case operational setup, technical reliability, safety, durability & cost optimization, ergonomics & operational HMI.

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Our purpose is to promote French Tech Innovation and enable the autonomy progress in various fields, with the focus on these main goals :

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Fichier 4@300x_Plan de travail 1 copie_P
Fichier 4@300x_Plan de travail 1 copie_P
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