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As an Automation solutions provider, each new project is for us a technical challenge to transform the complexity of the development into the simplicity of the result, an opportunity to progress, to surpass ourselves and to offer users a better life.

*Keywords in our Portfolio : roadmap, electric-electronic architecture, safety concept, AD electronics (sensors, ECU, V2X), AD functions software, simulation-static-dynamic validation plan, in situ experimental runs, "passport to experimentation” & certification support

From a generic library to custom development, meeting vehicle performances and environment conditions we accelerate innovation, boost competitiveness and enhance operational efficiency supporting clients from day one to now, from EXpectations to their EXceeding.

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Integrate automation into your business / Make the product/service operational.

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Go fast and strong in the implementation fitting the constraints of the use case and the needs of the end users (security, quality, maturity), respect Time-to-market.

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Build or challenge a technological roadmap: step by step approach regarding the maturity of existing or custom solutions needed for the project.

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Respect the performances and technical constraints of the vehicle, of the customer's use case and the real-life environment.

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Optimize the budget to rich each development stage of the product/TRL.

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Lead and carry out preliminary tests in situ to show feasibility/maturity to validate the product aiming for the next step.

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Anticipate obstacles and deal with unforeseen events during the setup and run of operational experimentations aiming to get the feedback from end user and convince buyers and/or investors.

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Prove business viability, robustness (e.g. ppm), durability and scalability of the product.


Improve its efficiency and performances of the current version and optimise the cost of the BOM.

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Robustify actual definition of the product, increase its safety level to prepare for certification and deployment.

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