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Make automated a Caterpillar Track Loader to introduce automation in the construction/earthwork tasks to optimize the machines' operations moving excess soil on a building site leveling the ground The challenge was to bring some models tested in simulation into a real size POC vehicle in order to introduce the concept of "autonomous earthwork" to the decision makers, demonstrate the feasibility and capacities of the machines, build a roadmap for future development & experimentations.

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Technical feasibility analysis Drive-by-wire robotisation EE architecture Control sw development AD sensors intergration A to Z system design In vehicle integration Testing & validation in end user's facilities in Normandy Full user operational manual Post delivery technical support.

Fichier 4@300x_Plan de travail 1 copie_P


Track Loader robotized and semi-automated, ready to experiment several successful demonstrations to the staff of the end user & other partners, positive feedback new sensors embeded, tested, fully functional batch of in situ tests driven with encouraging results for the future.

Fichier 4@300x_Plan de travail 1 copie_P


"I appreciated being supported by ex9 in this ambitious project of "Automated earthwork as a Service". The team is conscientious, responsive, professional even in deep details. We plan to follow up the collaboration in the further steps". JChLF, HR.