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Case studies of our Clients.

What could be better than having customers' words? Definitely, it is in the real life that the usefulness and value of a solution can be assessed the most.


At ex9 we offer our solutions, developed in-house, and our experience, got in autonomous driving experimentations in the automotive, construction, heavy goods handling vehicles and defense, for the progress to the Industrial Transport Automation. 


The robotic and automated solutions are both rapid and accurate. They contribute to improve the cost efficiency, respond to changes in increasing volumes of operations, bring significant safety improvements, having been already demonstrated and now aiming the future progress.


Our solutions bring automation to your field ! interested ? Let’s have a talk.

*Keywords in Customer stories : automated yard tractor, autonomous swap body carrier, heavy-duty terminal trucks swarm operation, warehouse operations with outdoor Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), robotic  assistance in transport of construction materials, light and heavy goods handling

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